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Erken Koruyucu Ortodonti

Disorders in the child's mouth and teeth make him healthy.

As  threats, it also annoys over time in appearance.

Therefore, the conditions that require early treatment are as follows:



-Anteriorly positioned crooked teeth,
- Early and late loss of milk teeth,
-An unbalanced mouth and jaw structure,
- Difficulties in closing the mouth in functions such as chewing and speaking,
-The jaw structure is behind or too far ahead,
-Like the upper and lower teeth not touching each other correctly

cases, orthodontic treatment is applied.


Even if there is no problem, every child at the age of 6-7 should be checked by an orthodontist. In these controls;
-The child's jaw-skeletal development, dental development and tooth alignment, and when necessary, the time to start orthodontic treatment are determined.
- Even if your child at this age does not have orthodontic problems, he should continue to come for checkups 1-2 times a year.
-Orthodontic treatments performed at this age are both preventive treatment and  functional orthodontic treatment, and   are the periods when jaw development can be interfered with. At these times, the teeth are guided to erupt.
-Protective orthodontic measures are taken.
-With the arrangement of the lower-upper jaw relationship, the child's  jaw-related negative profile  profile is prevented and spaces for permanent teeth are preserved.

-Reducing the need for extraction in permanent teeth is prevented.
- Leaving problematic habits such as thumb sucking, wrong swallowing habits, wrong language habits in the child
- Prevention of being late in treatment is ensured.

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