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Orthodontic Treatments

Early Preventive Orthodontics

Disorders in the child's mouth and teeth threaten him in terms of health.
as well as disturbing over time in terms of appearance.
Therefore, conditions requiring early treatment can be listed as follows;
  -Anteriorly positioned crooked teeth, - Early and late loss of milk teeth, -An unbalanced mouth and jaw structure, - Difficulties in closing the mouth in functions such as chewing and speaking, -The jaw structure is behind or too far ahead, -Like the upper a...

Orthodontic Treatment in Adults

  Today, orthodontic treatment is one of the treatment alternatives for many adults.
In untreated cases, the problems get worse over time. Bad
occlusion, crowding, or   gaps between teeth worsening over time
causes problems. Crowded teeth are difficult to clean. Problems starting with bruises 
It can go as far as tooth extraction. Bad bites can also cause abnormal tooth wear .
the reason could be  . This can cause problems in the supporting bone and gingiva . Moreover
bad closure can also cause joint problems. 

Isn't orthodontic treatment just for kids? Can I get treatment too?
Yes, healthy teeth can be moved at any age. Many orthodontic problems
It can be corrected in adults as ...

Fixed Orthodontics
Wireless Orthodontic Treatment

Fixed orthodontic treatment, as the name suggests, is orthodontic treatment in which fixed appliances that the patient cannot remove are used. In fixed orthodontic treatment, a corrugated metal called bracket (braces) is attached to the teeth (porcelain brackets are also used today). A wire passes through this groove. This wire is replaced at intervals of 4-6 weeks.

With the developments in oral health technology, dental disorders can be corrected safely and effectively in a very short time, thanks to the transparent plaques called CLEAR-ALIGNER. Especially in adults, very good results are observed. These molds, which will offer you a beautiful and confident smile, allow you to be treated without disturbing the aesthetic appearance. Advantages;

CLEAR-ALIGNER is transparent, colorless and unnoticeable. You can talk comfortably and smile confidently.

Metal brackets made of stainless steel are the most commonly used,       _cc781905-bb3b-best price It is a kind of priced bracket.

This high quality thin plastic mold ensures that you will not lose your mouthfeel. It is comfortable to use and allows orthodontic treatment without the need for brackets and wires.

Ceramic brackets are made of translucent composite material
and visually less noticeable from the outside.
The only disadvantage of ceramic brackets is that they are fragile and discoloration of the elastic ligaments between orthodontic visits.​

​You can easily remove and insert the tooth mold from your mouth, for example while eating or cleaning.

Gold brackets are similar to stainless steel brackets and are plated with 24-carat gold. They can be preferred by patients of all ages and are mostly chosen for aesthetic concerns.

Since the CLEAR-ALIGNER is removable, its maintenance is very simple and convenient. You can easily clean it with toothpaste and a toothbrush.​

An effective and visible result can be achieved in a short time.

It is cheaper and more practical than other treatment methods.

Like traditional metal brackets but on the back of the teeth 
they are placed. That's why they are invisible from the outside. to grow
an appropriate treatment in young people and especially adult patients who have completed
is a treatment method. Continuing tooth eruption in children
therefore, it will be a problem to stick the brackets, so prefer 
not allowed.

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