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Fillings and Restorations


Conservative Treatment (Fillings)

  Early treatment of cavities and their progression

cessation and aesthetics of tooth material losses,

treatment with filling in a functional and compatible manner with oral tissues

It aims to  .

Conservative Dentistry application areas

  • Amalgam Tooth Filling (Gradually Abandoned)

  • Composite Dental Filling (Beam Filling)

  • Porcelain Dental Filling (Inlay - Onlay)


Endodontic Treatment (Canal Treatments)

  Tooth decay that is not treated at an early stage progresses to the pulp (the chamber where the veins and nerves of the tooth are located), where it causes inflammatory changes and causes severe pain. Bacteria that cause inflammation infiltrate from the root tip and spread to the jawbone. Inflammation in the jawbone causes the loss of the tooth and the destruction of the surrounding tissues. Before reaching this stage, the tooth can be saved by removing the diseased pulp tissue to protect the tooth and surrounding tissues. After the pulp tissue is cleaned under anesthesia, the channels are expanded and disinfected. After all these processes, the pulp chamber is filled with special substances up to the root tip. Contrary to popular belief, these procedures are painless and the treated tooth stays in the mouth for many years.

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