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Teeth whitening


In modern societies, individuals care about the appearance of their teeth, even

shape and color disorders in the teeth up to psychological disorders in the person

may cause problems. Teeth whitening, from the color of your teeth

It is a cosmetic solution recommended to dissatisfied people.

  Bleaching; to whiten teeth that have discolored for various reasons, or

an oxygenation used to lighten a personalized tooth color several shades

method. The natural colors of the teeth become darker with years and external factors.

Teeth with teeth whitening, which can be done in the office or at home

A satisfactory whitening and a beautiful smile is obtained by opening 2-10 tones.

Bleaching process must be applied under professional control.


The whitening process is applied in 2 ways.

  Power Bleaching, which is performed within 1 hour in the office environment, is the fastest, safest and most effective whitening system, which consists of whitening gel and light, that lightens 6-8 tons of tooth color in a short time.

  Home bleaching is a bleaching process performed by putting carbamide peroxide-based gels into plastic mouthpieces prepared specifically for the person with a simple oral impression. Desired whitening is achieved in an average of 5-7 days. It needs to be worn 4-8 hours a day (depending on the color and gel).


  The whitening of teeth is primarily related to the initial colors. While yellow-toned teeth can easily whiten 6-8 tones, green-gray teeth are more difficult to whiten. In short, although the amount of whitening varies from person to person, an approximate information will be given about how much your teeth can whiten in the first session.

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